Summer and autumn activities

Saariselkä offers extensive nature experiences also during the snow-free season. Thanks to our location, you can enjoy them right from your door steps. If necessary, we can arrange all activities for you also in private, or you can book group departures at the time of booking.

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Hiking & trekking

Saariselkä's extensive hiking trails start right in front of Sokosti. Versatile marked routes offer great opportunities to explore Urho Kekkonen National Park. If necessary, we can also arrange a hiking guide to get even more out of your nature experience

Mountain biking

The popularity of mountain biking has exploded in Saariselkä. There are well-marked routes in the national park for fat bikes and electric bikes. We are happy to help you plan routes and rent bikes. We will also arrange a cycling guide if required.

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There are great fishing opportunities in the Saariselkä area, and the Lake Inari is also a short drive away. We are happy to give tips on fishing spots, and of course we will help with boat rentals and booking a fishing guide.

Gold panning

The Saariselkä area has a long and interesting history of gold panning, and you can learn more about these with the help of information boards in the area. The Tankavaara Gold Museum has more information and you can also try gold panning there.


There are many kayaking places near Saariselkä. Ivalonjoki and Inarinjärvi in ​​particular offer magnificent landscapes for kayaking enthusiasts. We help rent equipment and of course we can also arrange a kayaking guide that shows you the best places.

River rafting

Near Saariselkä is the Ivalonjoki River, where you can try guided river rafting. This is a fun and exciting way to explore nature. The Juutuanjoki in Inari also offers fast rafting. We will of course help you book the rafting experience.

Reindeer farm visit

Saariselkä is located in the middle of the reindeer herding area and you can't miss it - reindeer can be seen everywhere. We will be happy to arrange a visit to the reindeer farm, where you will learn more about reindeer herding and Sámi culture.

The midnight sun

In the summer we have a nightless night for a couple of months - the sun does not set at all and lush nature is at its greenest. You can enjoy the nature night and day, why not to admire the midnight sun on the top of the nearby fells.


September is the best foliage season with stunning autumn colors and it is also one of the most popular hiking seasons. What’s more beautiful than wandering in sunny mountain scenery surrounded by sparkling browns.

Northern lights

Northern lights will be visible to us from the end of August, as soon as the nights start to get dark. In the fall, the northern lights are really impressive because the nights are completely dark before the snow rains on the ground.

Berry & mushroom picking

Lapland is famous for its pure nature, where you can find berries and mushrooms. What better way to enjoy nature’s wonderful taste experiences than to first collect berries or mushrooms from nature and then make a delicious meal from them. If necessary, we will arrange for a local chef to give tips on local recipes.